The Way of the Sun – Cosmic and Human
Susan Bayliss

Sunday 25 March – 11 am to 5 pm
50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA

Study Day Workshop.

This study day explores the ‘Four Maharajas’, the hidden truths of Nature, the role of celestial beings, the mysteries of the human soul and our journey of spiritual transformation. We will discover how Man is endowed with an additional spirituality, which – whether consciously or not, he exercises through the course of his whole life. At length awakening to his own divinity. 

Session 1.        The four guardians of the world.

Session 2.        The seven principles of nature.

Session 3.        Aspects of human consciousness.

Session One, will explore this Wisdom through the path of the Celestial Sun, the role of celestial beings and how our solar mind is linked with the intelligence of these pure Spiritual Beings. We will also consider the role of the Mahatmas and the Wisdom concealed in some familiar symbols.

Session Two, will examine the seven principles, what human consciousness is and how it functions in the seven planes of nature. We will also explore various signposts to this Esoteric Science and why we are endowed with two kinds of mind – lunar and solar mind.

Session three, will consider aspects of human consciousness, the mystery of the soul and our journey of transformation. We will learn how through our own spiritual evolution and the pursuit of spiritual ideals, we may awaken to the true intelligence of our higher (Solar) mind.

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Sunday 25th March 2018   11 am – 5 pm

50 Gloucester Place