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The Wisdom of Zoroaster in the Zend Avesta
The Zend Avesta of Zarathustra – or Zoroaster in Greek - is one of the oldest scriptures in human history – it essentially means 'Book of Life'.
Zarathustra is a generic name and was given to the great teachers of Zoroastrianism at different epochs in time, variously called Mazdanism,
Parseeism or Fire-Worship.

The Zend Avesta is a recapitulation of previous ancient traditions, lost in the mist of history, written in early heliolithic pictographs and ideograms - starting from a point in boundless Space as it is also described in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine - demonstrating that every true Philosophy comes from the same source.

The Mystery of the Human Aura
The closest description of the human aura, called bio-electro-magnetic energy field in science, is a spatial structure in the fabric of space itself. Every human being is surrounded by its own emotional and passional as well as psycho-vital atmosphere.
It is the aura which, according to our mental and physical state of purity or impurity either opens for us vistas into other worlds, or shuts us out altogether from anything but the three-dimensional world of matter, says Madame Blavatsky in her Collected Works XII.

Eternal Duration and Moments in Time
Time is something we deal with every day, and something that most of us think we understand. But an exact definition of time has proved remarkably elusive. Time means change; nothing remains the same for a fraction of a second. If time as a fourth dimension were missing in the three dimensional Universe, it would stay still like a paused video. Both Theosophy and Science agree with Albert Einstein who once said that the separation between past, present and future is only an illusion, although a very convincing one. In this talk we are going to explore the illusion of time from the ancient teachings of Theosophy and the theories of modern Science.

Sentient Nature and it's Hidden Wonders
Madame Blavatsky points out that the different variations of plants are broken rays of the 'One Ray', breaking again into thousands of millions of rays down into the world of forms, having an intelligence and purpose of life as well as mystical properties in a most wonderful degree (Isis Unveiled II, p. 589) Scientists have found out that plants even communicate with sound vibrations to protect themselves from predators.

Jesus and the Brotherhood of the Essenes
The church of Rome is the one that has wandered farthest from the real religion of the mystical Christ, says HPB in her Collected Writings. She is not the only one, because it has been confirmed by historians throughout the centuries and is well documented. She gives us some fundamental information about the Essenes, a Brotherhood which is completely excluded from the Bible although it is exactly the group of people where Jesus came from.
There are several significant reasons why the knowledge of this Brotherhood is suppressed, but ancient Aramaeic texts have come to light in the last Century which give us a very different account of Jesus' life and the mystery of the term Christ which are very important (although probably quite shocking) for Christians in the Western World, but HPB told us:
(Collected Writings VIII p. 402) Once I was in a great cave-temple in the Himalaya mountains with my Master.”. She looked at the picture of the splendid Rajput. There were many statues of Adepts there; pointing to one of them, her Master said: “This is he whom you call Jesus. We count him to be one of the greatest among us.”


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