Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows anyone with a meeting link (usually sent to you by email) to join a meeting/lecture/event.

We will setup the meeting time, then let you know about the event via email, our Facebook page and on the TS website.

First, you will be asked to Register your interest in joining the meeting/event. Follow the link and complete your details in the form – then Register.

Just before the meeting/event, we will then send you a zoom Invite, with a link to the meeting, and the password.

Install the App

The first thing to do, before you can join a Zoom meeting for the first time, is to download the App and install it on to your computer or tablet, even if it’s days before the event.

Head to Zoom’s download page  and download the 'Zoom Client for Meetings'. If you scroll further down the page you can also download the app for your tablet.

It should only take a couple of minutes, but it’s good to do it well in advance, in case you encounter any problems.


Joining the meeting

When it’s time for the meeting to start, open the email in which you were sent the meeting link and click on the link to join. It should open a new tab or window.

Joining on your computer

If you’re on a Windows computer or Mac and have already downloaded the app, you’ll then be shown a screen like this:

Click the "open Zoom" pop-up (or "click here" if that doesn't appear) and follow the instructions to join the meeting with the app.

If you haven’t downloaded the app at this point, you’ll be prompted with an option to download Zoom. If you want to join in your browser (rather than downloading an app) you can click "join from your browser" at the bottom of the screen.

You will be asked to enter the password that was sent with the link in the email.

Once you're in the meeting

If you’ve joined the meeting before the host, you might be shown a holding screen until they join and start the meeting.

Once the meeting has started you'll be asked how you'd like to join the meeting. Select 'join with computer audio'.

You might also be prompted to let Zoom or your browser access your microphone and webcam. This is necessary for Zoom to work and you should allow it to do so.

Finally, there are some basic controls that are good to know when you’re in a meeting, such as how to mute or unmute yourself, turn your video on or off and open up the chatbox. We’ve circled these for you in the image below.



YouTube is a website designed for sharing video. Millions of users around the world have created accounts on the site that allow them to upload videos that anyone can watch. Every minute of every day, more than 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

We will also be hosting some events/lectures using YouTube Live Streaming.
For this, no password or login is required. We will notify you of the date and time of the event, with a link to the TS YouTube Channel.
You can simply view the live stream in real time, or a recording of it after the event has ended.