Summer School 2023 – PROGRAMME


14.30 onwards. Arrivals and registration.
19.30               Welcome by the President,
                       Introduction of speakers and optional meditation


07.00-08.00         Yoga with Teresa Keast

09.45-10.00         Meditation

10.00-11.00         Talk ‘A Deep Dive into Meditation’ - Teresa Keast

An esoteric, psychological and practical exploration of meditation to further our understanding of this necessary practice for developing enhanced self-awareness, mental and emotional health and self-awakening. This talk will include many practical suggestions and experiential guidelines to enhance meditation practice.

11.30-12.30   Study Groups

(A) The Voice of the Silence 1.     Petra Meyer

An introduction to The Voice of the Silence which HPB dedicated “to a few”, a very mystical book for serious students of Theosophy. In these two sessions we will be discovering how meditating on its wisdom helps us reach higher levels of consciousness and understanding.

(B)  The Jewel in the Lotus 1.     Wayne Gatfield

The Jewel in the Lotus is of our Higher Self, some may call it the Divine Spark.  It is the real part of us, beyond the maya or illusion of our personal selves.  In these three sessions we will explore our spirituality and find out who or what we are in essence and share our insights and thoughts on the subject and how we can apply them to our daily lives.

14.30-15.30        (A) Workshop on Meditation.    Teresa Keast

An opportunity to understand and experience the power of group meditation and really appreciate its capacity now and in the future to awaken humanity spiritually and create positive change in our world.

                         (B) Movements and Mudras 1.   Terri King

The practice of Movements and Mudras (hand movements) establishes a connection with the Divine Consciousness. Weather permitting, this will be an outdoor session where we can commune with Nature to enhance this process of transformation.

16.00 17-00            THE BLAVATSKY LECTURE.      Pablo Sender

H P BLAVATSKY’S TEACHINGS ON THEOSOPHICAL PRACTICE.                                                                                                                          

Although Madame Blavatsky is widely acknowledged for the wealth of metaphysical and esoteric teachings she presented to the world, spread throughout her writings there is an important body of instructions that is less often recognised. These teachings outline a Theosophical Yoga especially adapted to those seekers who wish to be in the world but not of it.

19.30- 20.30 Musical Presentation   Jenny Baker

20.45-21.15 Meditation

Meal and break times.

Breakfast         08.00 –09.00

Coffee break    11.00—11.30

Lunch                13.00—14.00

Tea break         15.30—16.00

Dinner               18.00—19.00

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07.00-08.00 Yoga with Teresa Keast

09.45-10.00 Meditation

10.00-11.00 Talk.  An Aspirant’s Quest; from Darkness to Light

Jenny Baker

It is well known that the spiritual path is not an easy one to follow and in challenging times it requires more determination than ever if progress is to be achieved. The spiritual aspirant can search for inspiration from many sources, such as the beauty of nature, uplifting music, inspirational teachers, and sacred texts. In this talk I will explore how the wisdom contained in an ancient Vedic prayer can help us along the path.

11.30-12.30 Study Groups (A) The Voice of the Silence 2.  Petra Meyer 

                                          (B) The Jewel in the Lotus 2.   Wayne Gatfield

14.00                TOS AGM

14.30-15.30                             Movements and Mudras. 2   Terri King.

16.00-17.00 PUBLIC LECTURE         THE GOLDEN STAIRS    Pablo Sender

Toward the end of her life, Madam Blavatsky produced a short statement presenting a set of precepts known as “The Golden Stairs” She declared that this text came from a letter of a Master of Wisdom and was meant for those who seek guidance for Theosophical living.  We will explore this remarkable document that has inspired Theosophists for over a hundred years.

19.30-20.30 Quiz by Damon Scothern

20.45-21.15 Meditation



07.00-08.00 Chi Kung with Terry King

09.45-10.00 Meditation

10.00-11.00 Talk H P Blavatsky and the Ethics of Theosophy

Michele Sender

From 1880 to 1891 Madame Blavatsky wrote a series of letters to the American Conventions which are as relevant today as they were at the time. Showing a concern with Theosophical living, these documents elaborate on the importance of what she called “the Ethics of Theosophy” highlighting the need to apply the teachings of the esoteric philosophy to our daily lives. 


11.30-12.30 Study Groups

(A) How to Survive in Precarious Times.       Pam Evans

This study session covers why there is suffering in our cyclic existence, the power of prayer, mantra chanting and healing meditation.

(B)  The Jewel in the Lotus 3.                    Wayne Gatfield


14.00-14.30 Closing of the School