Gary Kidgell (North East Scotland)

Gary possesses a lifelong interest in all matters esoteric and has been a serious student of Ancient Wisdom for thirty years. He joined the society in 1994. Gary is a professional astrologer specialising in esoteric astrology . For the last fifteen years Gary has lectured extensively throughout the UK and Europe on various esoteric subjects and is currently the National Secretary for the Theosophical Society in Scotland . In 2010 Gary wrote and presented a video ‘The Inner journey’ which has been distributed internationally.

Soul, Personality and the Rainbow Bridge -talk

This talk draws primarily upon Theosophical writings, mythological symbolism and depth psychology to consider the Soul and its instrument of expression the human personality and the ‘inner organ’ that facilitates their interplay. These factors, together with their interaction, are outlined within the context of the spiritual path.

Symbolism of the Grail Quest -talk

This talk considers the Grail Romances, and the adventures of the knights, as an allegory of our quest to realise and express the purpose of the Soul or Higher Self. Just as the Grail knights witness a partial vision of the Grail before then deciding to enter the ‘Forest Adventurous’ where they undergo many tests and trials which determine their worthiness to proceed further on their quest, so we, after awakening to the prompting of our spiritual essence, venture into the inner worlds as a means of us realising our spiritual potential.

Maya – the Great Illusion

This talk considers the factor of maya at both cosmological and personal levels. The underlying nature of maya and its associated effects are outlined as a means of offering insight into what Madame Blavasky described as a ‘magic lantern show’. Realisation of the ephemeral nature of the lower worlds of creation, allied to one’s awareness of the immortal enduing aspect of their nature and the ways in which its purpose may be made manifest in the realms of impermanence is an important factor as one treads the spiritual path.

Creation Myths – talk

This talk considers the process and the purpose of creation in the light of the classical teachings and illustrates how this is reflected in various creation myths throughout our world. Primary mythological themes considered include The Cosmic Egg, Primal Duality, Hylozoism and Primal Sacrifice in Myth and Cyclical Worlds.

Principles of Ancient Wisdom

This talk outlines key principles of the wisdom teachings answering questions such as Who Are We? Where Do We Come From? Why Are We Here? Where Do We Go To From Here? There is a particular emphasis upon the spiritual path and ways which can assist here as we seek to develop and express our spirituality whilst journeying to the source of our being.

Esoteric Astrology

This talk describes how Esoteric Astrology can serve as a key to the mysteries for the 21st century by offering one a comprehensive ‘language of symbols’. This enables a symbolic dialogue to occur between the Higher Self and the personality whilst also serving towards constructing the antakarana or rainbow bridgehead.

Archetypes and Symbols

Carl Jung introduced the concept of archetypes and stated that these great instruments of human evolution are represented to the human psyche through the medium of symbol. This talk describes how Jung’s concepts relate to the teachings of Theosophy and how we may utilise Jung’s work towards promoting spiritual growth.

The Labours of Hercules – talk

The journey which leads to the source of our being is commonly referred to as the ‘Spiritual Path’. This has been symbolically depicted by the great hero myths of our world. This talk considers the Labours of Hercules as a representation of the challenges which confront the individual who undertakes this spiritual journey and how the twelve labours which the hero Hercules performed symbolise the challenges presented by incarnation in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The Lotus of the Soul -talk

The Soul or Higher Self is commonly symbolised as a lotus-like structure. This talk outlines ways in which we may unfold the petals of the ‘Lotus of the Soul’ and of the various challenges which confront us here as we awaken to the intents and purposes of our spiritual essence and tread the spiritual path. The talk draws upon the classical teachings of Ancient Wisdom and the symbolism found within various classical myths as a means of illustration.

Soul-Centred Astrology – one day event or talk

Esoteric or Soul-Centred Astrology offers one purpose and direction as they seek to express the purpose of the Soul which is the very reason for their existence. This form of astrology allows a dialogue to occur between Soul and personality through a comprehensive ‘language of symbols’ enabling the Soul to offer guidance and direction to the personality. This talk explains how Soul-Centred Astrology represents a ‘key to the mysteries’ for the 21st Century and looks at its various techniques and its underlying metaphysics.

Psychosynthesis and the Spiritual Path

When treading the spiritual path the individual seeks to integrate the various aspects of their personality so that it may become Soul-infused thereby functioning as an effective spiritual instrument. This talk considers both the challenges and the rewards associated with this and offers various methods to assist one in effecting psychosynthesis in accordance with classical esoteric teachings.

The Seven Rays – talk or one day event

This talk outlines the nature and purpose of Esoteric Psychology which embraces the teachings on the Seven Rays. The qualities of each of these great archetypal streams of energy are discussed together with their effects upon us as we seek to develop and express our spirituality. The talk is designed to give one insight into which particular Rays are influencing their Soul, personality, mental, astral and physical bodies. This knowledge my then be utilised towards making one more spiritually effective by expressing the purpose of their Soul by virtue of knowing its particular Ray.

The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self – talk or one-day event

The teachings of Ancient Wisdom state that we are all engaged upon an evolutionary journey of which the purpose is to develop and express our inherent spiritual nature whilst in physical form. This journey is often depicted symbolically in terms of a mountainous ascent as we scale the peaks of human consciousness. This talk considers the various factors at play when we embark upon the spiritual path leading to the source of our being. The talk draw upon various spiritual teachings including those of Theosophy, Advaita Vedanta and Jungian psychology and the work of the great 20th century mythologist Joseph Campbell.

The Olympian Gods and the Spiritual Path – talk or one day event

The Greeks used the lofty heights of MountOlympus to portray the realm of their Gods who represent archetypal forces which guide and direct humanity towards fulfilling its evolutionary purpose. This course considers how an understanding of the symbolism of the Olympian gods can assist us towards understanding the archetypal forces at play as we tread the spiritual path.

Archetypes of the Inner Journey – talk or one day event

Odin, Archetypes and the Runes – talk or one day event

Spiritual Transformation and the Symbolism of Myth – talk

Principles of the Wisdom Teachings and the Spiritual Path – talk

Maya: the Veil of the Goddess – talk

Principles of Psychosynthesis – talk

Challenges and Rewards of the Spiritual Path – talk

The Wisdom Teachings and the Spiritual Path – talk

Spiritual Transformation and the Symbolism of Myth – talk

The Archetypal Dimension – talk

The Postulates of Ancient Wisdom – talk


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