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Four days of inspiring lectures
Study Groups   Workshops
Qigong and Meditations

Monday 2nd - Friday 6th September
The Hayes Conference Centre - Swanwick - Derbyshire



14.30 onwards. Arrivals and registration.

19.30               Welcome by the President,
                       Introduction of speakers and optional meditation


07.00-08.00          Qigong with Terri King

09.45-10.00          Meditation

10,00-11.0            Talk: Greek Hero Myths and the Quest for Transcendence
Gary Kidgell

The challenges and rewards of the spiritual path are beautifully illustrated by the Greek hero myths. The adventures of the hero within the mythic landscape and the characters found therein, represent archetypal aspects of the human psyche that surface as one seeks to achieve liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth and the cycle of life and death.

11.30-12.30 Study Groups:

A - Life, Death and Immortality (1)  Wayne Gatfield

Is life a dream? Is there such a thing as death and if so, is it what we all think it is? Is there such a thing as soul death? What do Theosophy and other Spiritual teachings tell us about immortality? In these sessions we will be discussing these very questions and seeing what our insights and intuitions reveal to us.

B - The Death of Socrates (1)     Neville Crofts

Socrates is with his friends on the day of his execution. He is unperturbed by his fate, whilst his friends are deeply affected. Phaedo narrates the discussion which follows. This covers the immortality of the soul and why the true philosopher has no fear of death; in fact, he welcomes it.

14.00 Theosophical Order of Service Annual General Meeting

14.30-15.30 Free time or choice of workshops:

(A) -Yoga Nidra Jenny Baker

Yoga Nidra is deep relaxation that brings about an altered state of consciousness and feelings of peace and serenity.

(B) -Yantra Colouring Terri King

A practical art session designed to deepen your concentration and awareness on a Divine Image.

16.00-17.00                      THE BLAVTASKY LECTURE     Petra Meyer


The cyclic evolution in the illusionary world of physical reality was known to every Initiate the world over. This illusion enters into all finite things because they have only a relative not an absolute reality. Nature is never stationary during its active period but ever becoming, and Karma—the unerring Law of cause and effect on all planes of existence—is interwoven with the Law of Reincarnation—of birth and rebirth—until the illusion is overcome.


19.30-20.30          Musical Presentation                                 Neville Crofts

20.45-21.15          Meditation


07.00-08.00 Qigong with Terri King

09.45-10.00 Meditation

10.00-11.00 Talk: Life in Transition Resurrection      Tony McNeile

This talk is about Life’s Journey as a complex experience driven by the interaction of our emotional spiritual, intellectual and physical selves and the world around us. The journey contains the seeds of success and failure set against the unconscious drive to seek happiness. Looking back, it is a series of lives that are linked. There may have been many resurrections or none.

11.30-12.30 Study Groups:

A - Death and Immortality (2) Wayne Gatfield

B - The Death of Socrates (2) Neville Crofts

14.30-15.30 Free time or choice of workshops:

(A)           Yoga Nidra with Jenny Baker

(B)           Yantra Colouring with Terri King

16.00-17.00 Talk: Life and Death in Shakespeare   Elizabeth Crofts

Is life simply “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” as Macbeth states in the play of that name? If Shakespeare’s description is a possible outcome of life, then we would be well advised to turn our minds to spirituality immediately. This talk will examine the wise words of Shakespeare on this all-important matter.

19.30-20.30                      PUBLIC LECTURE             Petra Meyer


Time is something that we think we understand but an exact definition of time has proved remarkably elusive. Time means change; nothing remains the same for a fraction of a second. Both Theosophy and Science agree with Albert Einstein who once said that 'the separation of past, present and future is only an illusion, although a very convincing one'. In this talk we are going to explore the illusion of time from the ancient teachings of Theosophy and the theories of modern Science.

20.45-21.15 Meditation


07.00-08.00 Qigong with Terry King

09.45-10.00 Meditation

10.00-11.00: Talk: Awakening to our True Self      Wayne Gatfield

Plato has stated that “All (true) learning is merely recollection” -we just need to wake up to who we really are. The Voice of the Silence says: “look inward thou art Buddha”. Buddha means enlightenment and we are all enlightened if we just open our (spiritual) eyes and realise it. This talk will give us signposts to help us on the path and as the Maha Chohan says: “All of us has to get rid of our own Ego, the illusory, apparent self, to recognise our true Self, in a transcendental divine life”.

11.30-12.30 Study Groups:

C - Death and the After Death States (1) Peter Brierley and Terri King

In the first study session we will study statements from Ancient Wisdom on death and the after-death states. The second session will be interactive when we will compare teachings with accounts given by contemporary authors and individuals on near-death, death and after-death experiences.

D - Why am I Here and Where am I Going? (1)                   Pam Evans

In this study group we will explore what Theosophy and the world’s greatest religions and cosmologies hold in common and how a sense of the sacred can lead us to a heightened consciousness. Whilst exploring these ideas and more, lively debate will be encouraged.

14.00 Coach Outing to Newstead Abbey.             Damon Scothern

Newstead Abbey was the ancestral home of Lord Byron and boasts of 300 acres of parkland including lakes, waterfalls, Japanese gardens, and a café. The cost of the coach is £12 which includes entry to the grounds and gardens but not into the Abbey itself which is only open at weekends.

19.30-20.30 Light-hearted Quiz                                        Damon Scothern

20.45-21.15 Meditation


O7.00-18.00 Qigong with Terri King

09.45-10.00 Meditation

10.00-11.00 Talk: The Mysteries of Existence            Jenny Baker

For hundreds of years philosophers, theologians and scientists have pondered the meaning of existence and whether there is a form of consciousness after death. This talk investigates the theosophical view of the subject.

11.30-12.30 Study Groups:

C - Death and the After Death States (2)           Peter Brierley and Terri King

D - Why am I Here and Where Am I Going? (2)           Pam Evans

12.30 Closing of the School

14.00 Departure after lunch.


Breakfast             08.00-09.00

Coffee break       11.00-11,30

Lunch                  13.00-14.00

Tea break            15.30-16.00

Dinner                 18.00-19.00


The Theosophical Order of Service

The T.O.S. is the service arm of the TS, a worldwide organisation devoted to giving practical and humanitarian help by supporting small ethical groups and charities. Money is collected through donations and fund-raising activities, sympathisers and wherever possible, money is sent through local T.O.S. groups who make sure that it is spent effectively.

Membership of the T.O.S. is currently £4 per annum. At this year's school, there will be a 'bring and buy' stall. Please bring a contribution to the stall if you can.


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Newstead Abbey

Steeped in over 800 years of history, Newstead is a monastic Abbey from the late 12th century and former home of Romantic poet Lord Byron.

Newstead’s 300 acres of parkland owes much of its beauty to the River Leen feeding the lakes, ponds and cascades that ornament its gardens, along with its wildlife of peacocks and swans.

Explore the Walled Gardens’ lush ferns and rockeries as well as the sunken Japanese Oasis; boasting streams and stepping stones, bamboo groves and wild crayfish.