You may join as a Member of a Lodge or Centre (a local group) or directly via Headquarters as White Lotus Member. You are encouraged to join the Lodge or Centre nearest to you because of the greater fellowship this brings and better opportunity to explore and learn about theosophy through regular talks and study groups and by meeting knowledgeable members. Members and visitors often find it liberating to connect with like-minded people. Lodge/Centre meetings are very welcoming, and we respect people’s individuality.

The membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September and Membership fees are a modest £20 per year.  As a Lodge Member, you may also need to make a small contribution to your branch to help with local running costs.  You may apply to join via one of our branches, who will let you have a form and process your application.  Or, if you live far away from any of our branches, you may apply to join as a White Lotus Member via our National Headquarters.   

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Young people under the age of Eighteen must complete a “Young Person’s Application Form” and have permission from their parent or Guardian.

A parent or Guardian is responsible for the safety of their young person and a Parent or Guardian must accompany under 16s to all theosophical activities and meetings (or an adult appointed by them and notified in advance to Headquarters, the Lodge/Centre or Federation).


Residents of countries outside England

If you live outside of England, you should contact the National Section for that country. Links for Theosophy Wales and Theosophy Scotland are on the homepage, and information for Europe and the Rest of the World are available from our International Directory. If there is no National Section in your country, you will need to apply for membership through the International TS HQ.


Members’ data is stored subject to UK Data Protection laws. The Society’s policy is not to share its membership data with any organisations other than the Theosophical Society, The Foundation for Theosophical Studies and the English Theosophical Trust only.

Your membership details will be kept on record at our London Headquarters and International Headquarters, for confirmation of membership and archival purposes.



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