Right Reverend Dr Michael van Buren (Devon)

Telephone: 01237 424737.
Email: grailcommunity@gmail.com

Location: North Devon

Available for in-person and Zoom / online talks

Biographical notes:

A third generation Theosophist. Grandmother was an International TS Speaker, and both she and my father lived at Adyar for a time (when George Arundale was President). Grandfather ran a TS group in Holland. Michael was past Secretary of a TS Centre in S. Essex and later N. Devon and has spoken for the TS for over 25 years. Is Presiding Bishop, Liberal Catholic Church Grail Community (working in UK and Africa) and Consultant Psychiatrist in North Devon.

  • 1) The Keys to the Mysteries
  • 2) Living the Mystical Heart of Theosophy
  • 3) The Priceless Pearl of Mysticism
  • 4) Cooperating with the Angels
  • 5) Exploring Esoteric Christianity, Mysticism, and the Spiritual Revelations of Theosophy
  • 6) The Psychology of Letting Go and Letting Be
  • 7) Raising Consciousness Through Ritual
  • 8) Living the Mystical Union
  • 9) Silence, the Inward Journey
  • 10) Spirituality,Religion and Psychology
  • 11) Karma,Reincarnation and the Patterns in our Lives
  • 12) Psychology of Prayer
  • 13) Personality and Spirituality
    14) Death and Resurrection
  • 15) The Hidden Wisdom in the Christmas Story
  • 16) Daring to Touch the Flame of Wisdom

Note: All these talks have been given at a TS meeting in the past, or occasionally some other contexts. All could be expanded into a seminar day or workshop Any other topics considered on request. (Including those specifically connected to the Liberal Catholic Church and Co Freemasonry). I am willing to travel any distance. In fact I often travel in the south of England for other purposes already.

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