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All these talks can be delivered in person or via Zoom
Most use diagrams and illustrations on Powerpoint.

The ONETHING and the Unity of All Life
The central assertion of Theosophical teaching is “the fundamental unity of all existence”, and that One Life pervades the universe. This talk explores ways to reconcile this with our daily experience of separateness. Really, “We're all One and Life flows on within you and without you.”

HPB’s Diagram of Meditation
This talk sets out Blavatsky’s instructions on meditation and how they are designed to lead us to experience “the fundamental unity of all existence”. This is a practical talk with links to advaita and yoga teachings.

The Other Evolution – the Consciousness of Nature
An introduction to Angels, Nature Spirits and Elementals; pocket guide to consciousness as it evolves in the natural world. Includes a section on sensing and interacting with the Devic Kingdom, especially trees. (This topic can be done as a talk or a workshop)

Reincarnation – Identifying the Thread that Links the Lives
A practical exploration of this key teaching and what it means for us here and now. What reincarnates? What past lives can I know? How can I know? What does that tell me about the present? What value is all this to our spiritual journey?.

Beyond Evil
The existence of evil is a perennial challenge, and it is easy to suppose that there is some sort of fundamental principle of evil. It turns out this is not the case, and we must look elsewhere for the cause, but this leads to more hopeful conclusions.

The Garden Path
Throughout history, gardens have been made with a spiritual purpose. As carriers of meaning and symbolism they are a powerful tool on the spiritual quest. This talk will set you thinking about your garden and your path.

The Lion the Witch and the Wisdom: A Taste of Narnia
Are you old enough for Fairy Tales? The wisdom and knowledge common to the great religions and ancient philosophies have always been hidden in fairy tales and myths. Even adults eventually grow up to appreciate them. And CS Lewis planted chunks of the Ancient Wisdom, ideas straight out of Blavatsky's “Secret Doctrine” in each of the seven (yes, seven!) books.

The Nature of Spiritual Service
Service is often not a priority for spiritual groups. When it is, we tend to think of charitable and voluntary work. Whilst this is useful, there is deeper more important work, and we have the tools to do it.

Matter, Energy and Consciousness
The relationship between energy and matter is well known, at least on the physical plane. What is less clear is the nature and source of energy however it is experienced. In this talk we shall explore the evidence for its links with consciousness, and what that might mean for humanity.

Theosophia and her Brothers
The Theosophical Movement which began in the 19th century, was only one of several presenting the same fundamental truths. It was always an experiment; never THE experiment. This talk identifies some of its siblings and traces them to their common inner origins.

What Does a Gnostic Gnow?
My dictionary defines Gnosticism as “a heretical movement of the 2nd century Christian Church ..”, but it was/is a much broader, deeper, older tradition. Drawing on the exemplary scholarship of Freke & Gandy, this talk teases out what it was the Gnostics knew, and how we too can go about knowing it.


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