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Professor emeritus of Philosophy and Religion at the College of Central Florida, Scott is author of award-winning book ‘The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret’, and more recently ‘A Grand Unification of the Sciences, Arts & Consciousness: Rediscovering the Pythagorean Plato’s Golden Mean Number System’ (coauthored with physicists El Naschie, He and Marek-Crnjac). A life-long student of the Ancient Wisdom, Scott has studied under physicist David Bohm, world religion expert Huston Smith, sacred geometers Keith Critchlow & John Michell, and esotericist Dr. Douglas Baker. An avid collector of visionary artwork from Peru, Scott is also a national lecturer for both the Theosophical Society in America and in England and a regular lecturer for the NY Open Center’s Esoteric Quests and gives talks for IANDS, the International Association of Near-Death Studies.


(Note: the majority of these talks are fully illustrated on PowerPoint)

  • A Grand Unification of the Sciences, Arts & Consciousness: Rediscovering the Pythagorean Plato’s Golden Mean Number System
  • Buddha, Plato and the Path to Enlightenment
  • Esoteric in Abstract Art
  • Golden Proportional Symmetry & the Divided Line: Solving the Platonic Puzzles in One Fell Swoop
  • Mathematics of Harmony and Resonant States of Consciousness
  • Pillars of Wisdom: and the Pivotal Role of Modern Theosophy
  • Pisces to Aquarius: Flowering of the Ancient Wisdom Traditions & Transformation of Consciousness
  • Reassessing the Roots of Theosophy: in Pursuit of the Precious Stone
  • Sacred Geometry & The Golden Section
  • Sacred Geometry and Self-Transformation: Illumination as Humanity’s Ultimate Goal
  • Sacred Healing Journey: Harmonic Transformation
  • Scotland’s Ancient Wisdom: Mystery of the Petrospheres
  • Textual Evidence for the Divine Proportion’s Central Role in Theosophy
  • The Golden Section: Nature’s Alchemical Secret
  • The Hermetic Key to Egypt’s Great Mystery
  • The Magnificent Obsession: Unveiling the Mystery of the 3 Monads
  • The Philosopher Mathematicians of Alexandria: Euclid and Hypatia
  • The Pillars of Wisdom: Unveiling Modern Theosophy
  • The Shaman’s Journey & Transformative Experiences
  • Uncovering the Ancient Roots of Sacred Golden Measure & the Mysteries of Transformation
  • Unlocking the Mystery of the Golden Section: Pathway to Transformation of Consciousness
  • What are Transformative Experiences?
  • Wisdom Traditions: Transformative Experiences Through the Sacred Arts & Sciences


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