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Teresa studied the Ancient Wisdom teachings through the School of Practical Philosophy, Vedic scriptures, and Buddhist teachings in New Zealand and Australia before coming to Theosophy through the UK Theosophical Society and Lucis Trust over 15 years ago. She is a regular speaker, writer, yoga and meditation teacher, therapist and single mum of four with a heartfelt desire to bring the understanding of these teachings alive through a practical application in living a spiritual life of service.

The following topics are simply a guideline and can be expanded, combined or include related ideas.

A Deep Dive into Meditation
An esoteric, psychological and practical exploration of meditation to further our understanding of this necessary practice for developing enhanced self-awareness, mental and emotional health and self-awakening. This talk will include many practical suggestions and experiential guidelines to enhance meditation practice.

The Power of Forgiveness as Soul Expression
‘To err is human to forgive divine’ Alexander Pope.
An esoteric exploration of the power of forgiveness and its capacity to set us free…

Energy Esoterically
Energy is the key to all connections, within our self, with others, with our planet and united as 'one' humanity. Through a deeper esoteric understanding of energy we can make choices in life that consciously raise our vibration and allow the light of our soul to shine in a world that needs it more than ever.

It’s All in the Etheric
By understanding our etheric body and each chakra in more depth we can gain much insight into the energy dynamics that play out through our personality and reflect our soul expression. We come to understand the energy en-rapport we experience with others, toward fostering right relations and maximising the potential power of group work.
This talk can be expanded to explore any one or combination of the seven major chakras separately in more depth so that we can come to recognise the areas in which we need to coordinate and integrate our personality emotionally, mentally and spiritually to raise the consciousness of the spiritually inclined man/woman.

The Spiritual Awakening of the Third Eye
An exploration of what awakening the third eye means, how and when this occurs with a view to understanding where our spiritual evolution is potentially taking us both individually and collectively as more people open the amazing capacities of this centre. Talk includes an integration of quantum physics, esoteric teachings and our understanding of subtle energy.

The Power of Brotherhood
We are unified, a brotherhood. We need to wake up and realise this is not just a concept but a potential way of living. As science explores consciousness revealing fresh evidence of our united cohesion we can synthesise both esoteric and scientific discoveries to fully understand the power and energy of brotherhood and its capacity to lift the consciousness of mankind. Talk includes exploration of the implications inherent in David Hawkins map of human consciousness, in his book 'Power vs Force'.

The Power and Energy of Group Consciousness
We are in essence unified, a single reality experiencing duality. Our world is built on values expounding separateness. By choosing the power of love over the love of power we energetically change ourselves, our relationships with the people around us, and therefore our world. By consciously coming together in groups in united higher purpose, we have the potential to transform the way we live.

The Magic of the Seventh Ray and Aquarius
To gain greater understanding of the effects and implications both individually and collectively as the energy of the sixth ray passes out of incarnation and we welcome in the energy of the seventh ray in the Age of Aquarius. This time of transition brings a heightened experience of all of the conflicts between these two powerful forces at work in our world today.

Expanding Conscious Awareness through Meditation
Explore how regular meditation expands your conscious awareness in your everyday life, bringing greater peace, fulfilment, happiness and joy. Come to understand on a deeper level how connecting regularly through meditation changes you and your life, how you come into alignment with who you truly are, why you are here and your part in the greater plan.

Developing Intuition: Theosophy in Action
An exploration into how meditation and yoga enable you to truly live a spiritual life rather than just believing in it. By connecting with and living by the intuitive wisdom from your' Buddhic' nature, the expansion of your conscious awareness allows you as the intuitive knower to develop a clear sighted view of your particular path of love and service.

Mindfulness an Essential Spiritual practice
A deep dive esoterically and scientifically into an understanding of the practice of mindfulness and its power to change your mind, change your perception and how you response to the world. This essential practice develops self-awareness through integrating and coordinating your personality as an effective vehicle for soul expression.

Consciously Raising Our Vibration
Our vibratory energy reflects our degree of soul contact. By understanding what constitutes and contributes to this vibration we can enhance our health and well-being, becoming better vehicles for soul expression.
A practical talk exploring positive energy enhancing changes in our behaviours, and way of living that facilitate consciously walking our path of spiritual growth with greater awareness.

Right Relations
Right relations within establish right relations with others, our community, our world. Through inner observation we harmonise and unify our intellect with our intuition, our yin and yang energies, our personality with our soul. Truth pervades enabling us to see past the imperfections of the personality of another and see instead the light of their soul allowing right relations to blossom.

Truth, Beauty and Goodness as Expressions of the Soul
Let's explore the soul qualities of truth, beauty and goodness. Through greater understanding and self-awareness we come to recognise how we enhance our expression of these qualities in our daily lives, manifesting positive change in the world.

Hope in Troubled Times: What can we do?
By standing in the light of our soul there is much we can do to maintain our equanimity, foster courage, resist fear and doubt to positively navigate challenging times. An exploration of the power of hope, why we must hold hope, why there is reason to hope and what we can do to make a difference.

Theosophy is as Theosophy Does
An understanding of the importance of practising and living theosophical teachings; with insights into how the Ageless Wisdom teachings can be embodied and practically employed in our everyday lives to enhance self-awareness and promote spiritual growth, enabling better service in the world.

Being Comfortable with Today`s Uncertainty
An esoteric exploration and understanding of non-attachment and surrender to the guidance and trust in the higher purpose of our soul during today’s challenging uncertain times.

Introduction to Esoteric Healing
The first in a series of talks on esoteric healing that integrate Ageless Wisdom teachings with our current understanding from modern science. These can be given independently or delivered in such a way as to build on the understanding of previous talks. Each talk will enhance our knowledge, but their true value comes from the wisdom of practically applying these insights in our lives today and toward our future.
'Introduction to Esoteric Healing', explores an esoteric understanding of healing with comparisons with our western medical paradigm to gain insights into our current situation and future advancements that will be possible when these two paradigms evolve into better alignment.

Sound Healing
Our beliefs about health and healing ultimately come from our world view. I discuss the change from a world view of a random, mechanistic, disconnected, empty, unintelligent Universe to the view that we live in a unified whole system that is intelligent, interconnected, holographic and filled with energy vibrating at different frequencies. An exploration of the use of sound vibration to affect holistic healing through our etheric body, including the science behind this and how this will revolutionise modern medicine in the future. Includes very practical ways we can use these techniques right now.

Light Healing
An in depth and fascinating look at Light, the light spectrum and light healing both from a scientific and esoteric view point. As we witness an increase in our use and understanding of light we realise this is a direct result of increasing numbers connecting with the light of their soul and able to hold their mind steady in the light and open to its illumination and insight.

Spiritually Understanding our Connection to Nature
When we are grounded, consciously connecting with the natural world the inflow of pranic energy realigns and heals our physical, emotional and mental bodies, restores our soul connection and has a positive healing effect on the earth herself. This has implications for our future relations with each other and with our planet. Talk includes discussion on the healing power of plants through vibrational medicine.

Expansive Christ Consciousness: Opening and Healing our Heart
An exploration of the Heart chakra, how we open to experience esoteric healing and spiritual growth through our heart centre. With a focus on what this means in our everyday life, including insights from my recently published ebook 'The Magic of Makarasana, the Yoga posture that will Transform your Life'.

Anger Healed from Within Outwards
An esoteric, psychological and practical exploration of our role in healing a
world full of conflict by healing our own anger.
Theme and content of the Blavatsky lecture given at the European Congress York 2023

Reincarnation and Our Fear of Death
If we know we have lived and died many times, why does this not free us from the fear of death, 'the fear behind all fears'. I explore reincarnation and evidence for a belief in past lives and especially insights from Dr Brian Weiss's books on his experiences with past life regression as well as how to conqueror this fear. We can never truly live and gain all from our earthly experience this time round until we conqueror our fear of death.

The Synergy of Love and Will
When we integrate and harness the energies of Love and Will we move beyond limitations and align with the creative force of the Universe.
An in-depth, esoteric look at the nature of both love and our will, and the potential power of these energies in service to others, to inspire, create change and transform lives.


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